Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Mobile-Friendly is nowSocial Media Marketing (SMM) can be a very important part of your marketing strategy to help build your brand and making prospects aware of services and products that you offer. The problem that many companies face when venturing into social media is the overwhelming feeling of “Where Do I Start?” This is not unusual because there are so many platforms, setting them up, understand how they reach people, and content creation that engages your followers.

That is where Marketing Igniter is your source for social media marketing. If we are not already helping you with your website, video production, or SEO then we will discuss what your marketing plans are and create a custom SMM plan for you.

We offer two types of programs and then customize each plan for your needs.

The first plan is set up for us to perform the tasks whether we are starting from scratch or picking where it was left off. We offer 3, 6, and 12 month services. What this means is that when we have reached the end of the agreed upon time, we review the results and then we decide how to proceed, if you want to take over the process or if you want to sign up for another round.

The second plan consists of platform set up and content scheduling. This is designed to give you the tools to do it yourself but have Marketing Igniter for support.